This Week in Egypt: Week 5 ( Jan 27-Feb2)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt, Ethiopia, Sudan to sign final agreement on Blue Nile dam next month -joint statement
  • Egypt Israel gas line is attacked by unidentified assailants
  • Egypt sentenced Hisham al-Ashmawy, a former special forces officer turned Islamist militant, and 36 others to death
  • Egyptian businessman and Sisi’s opponent Mohamed Ali steps away from politics
  • 12-year-old girl in Egypt dies after genital mutilation
  • Egypt’s court upholds ban on face veil for academic staff at Cairo University in a final verdict

 Main Headlines



  • Egypt calls on ‘both parties’ to consider Trump’s Middle East peace plan
  • Egypt signs two gas exploration deals in Mediterranean worth $332 million with ExxonMobil
  • ‘Super dad’ saves daughter from under a moving train







  • US to boost Egyptian air defenses despite congressional anger. Jack Detsch
  • Egyptian army flexes muscle near border with Libya. Al-Monitor
  • Egypt’s population nears 100 million, putting pressure on resources and jobs. Reuters



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