This Week in Egypt: Week 3-2020 ( Jan 13-19)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s Sisi participated in Berlin summit on Libya
  • Egypt, Ethiopia and Sudan make a draft deal on Ethiopian Dam
  • Israel starts exporting natural gas to Egypt
  • Pompeo expresses outrage over American’s ‘pointless’ death in meeting with Egyptian President Sisi
  • France asks to join Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum
  • Egyptian police arrest four in raid of Turkish-state news agency in Cairo, later released
  • Central Bank of Egypt keeps interest rates unchanged


Berlin summit 2

 Berlin Summit 

( Photo Italian PM,Giuseppe Conte, FB page)

Main Headlines



  • ‪Egypt held ‘long, in-depth talks’ with US officials in Washington over Ethiopian dam
  • Egypt military says a pilot killed in fighter jet crash during training
  • Mustafa Kassem: Egyptian-American dies on hunger strike in Egypt.
  • Egypt’s top prosecutor orders autopsy after death of detained American-Egyptian citizen



  • France asks to join Eastern Mediterranean Gas Forum
  • Egypt, Greece, Italy mull repercussions of sending Turkish forces to Libya
  • GERD statement signed after Washington talks does not constitute new agreement: Egypt’s FM
  • Turkey’s Anadolu news agency has has no legal presence in Egypt: SIS
  • Egypt’s top prosecutor orders release of two Turkish citizens and three Egyptians in Anadolu case
  • CBE keeps interest rates unchanged during 2020’s 1st meeting






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