Turkey’s Syria Offensive: Day 7 (Oct 15-2019)


  • Russia vows to prevent clashes with Assad forces
  • French PM says resurgence of Islamic State is inevitable due to Turkish offensive
  • Turkey rejects Syria ceasefire because ‘you cannot negotiate with terrorists’
  • Russia says: ‘unacceptable’ Turkish incursion into Syria must be temporary

Good Read

  • Money, hatred for the Kurds drives Turkey’s Syrian fighters. Sarah El-Deeb and Joseph Krauss
  • Russian shadow falls over Syria as Kurds open door for Assad.Martin Chulov
  • Some of the most noble peopleI’d ever met.’ Lara Seligman
  • Erdoğan’s calamitous Syrian blunder has finally broken his spell over Turkey. Simon Tisdal

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Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues. The only practising doctor who write in Middle Eastern politics in UK.
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