This Week in Egypt: Week 36-2019 ( September 2-8)

Top Headlines

  • US State department has approved the release of $1.3 billion in military aid to Egypt
  • Egypt’s Homeland Security kills six militants in New Valley
  • Son of former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi dies aged 25
  • Egypt court jails Muslim Brotherhood figures for life over prison break
  • Egyptian banks to disburse interest from Suez Canal saving certificate
  • Egyptian government to replace tuk tuks with mini-vans
  • Egypt had enough strategic rice reserves and will not import rice this financial year


Main Headlines


  • Egypt scraps customs dollar; price to depend on CBE exchange rate
  • Housing project for Egypt’s New Administrative Capital employees to be complete March 2020
  • Egypt’s cotton exports see 218.8% increase during Q3 2018/2019



  • Egypt to launch programme to replace tuk-tuks with minivans
  • Interest from Suez Canal saving certificates to be disbursed Thursday
  • Delisting owners of two of Egypt’s largest pharmacy chains from Health Ministry’s list raises contraversy
  • Egypt’s Dar El-Iftaa says freezing women’s eggs is permissible if certain conditions are met






  • US waives human rights rules to send military aid to Egypt. Jack Detsch
  • A landmark 2018 natural-gas deal between Egypt and Israel faces legal challenges and concerns about security threats. Jared Malsin
  • Crucial infrastructure deal brings Israel closer to gas export to Egypt. Eytan Halon
  • A Ramses II obelisk will decorate Cairo’s famous Tahrir Square. Nevine El-Aref

From Twitter



  • 10 Reasons why Egypt is one of the most fascinating countries in the world.


  • Poisonous Roses selected to represent Egypt at the 2020 Oscars

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