This Week in Egypt: Week 31 ( July 29-Aug 4)

Top Headlines

  • Kushner meets Egypt’s Sisi for Israeli-Palestenian peace plan talks
  • Egypt: Sinai will ‘never be’ part of Trump Israeli-Palestinian peace plan
  • Greece and Egypt urge Turkey to stop aggression in eastern Mediterranean
  • Egypt hands Ethiopia its vision for the Renaissance Dam
  • A car crash sparks deadly explosion killing at least 19 in Cairo
  • Egyptian government is piloting a new health insurance system in Port Said
  • Divers uncover ancient temple submerged within the ‘Egyptian Atlantis’ where Cleopatra was crowned

 Main Headlines


  • S. State Department cleared a trio of weapon sales for Egypt, South Korea and Canada
  • Military drills between Egypt, US, UAE continue in the Red Sea
  • Egypt Air’s newest aircraft, the Dreamliner Boeing 787-9 has operated the longest trip in the world powered by sustainable fuel







  • A car crash sparks deadly explosion killing at least 19 in Cairo
  • Egypt’s FM Shoukry heads to Baghdad to attend tripartite meeting with Iraqi and Jordanian counterparts
  • Egypt to introduce “tourism ethics” in primary education curricula
  • Egypt displays restoration of Tutankhamen gilded coffin


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