This Week in Egypt: Week 5-2019 ( Jan 28-Feb 3)

Top Headlines 

  • France’s Macron: Egypt’s rights record seen as worse than under Mubarak
  • A group of Egyptian lawmakers seek to extend El-Sisi term to at least 2024
  • Egypt’s military kills 8 ‘extremely dangerous’ terroristsin the Western desert
  • British woman jailed over painkillers is freed from Egyptian prison after presidential pardon
  • Egypt Unveils Pharaonic Tomb With 50 Mummies


Main Headlines





  • Human Rights Advocates were accused of spreading ‘false news’ after meeting with Macron
  • Egyptian-Kuwaiti joint military drills kick off in Kuwait
  • Egypt’s garment exports hit $1.5 billion in 2018: Garment council
  • Alexandria deputy government is sentenced to 12 years over bribes


  • Egypt officials discuss future of Downtown government buildings in light of new capital move
  • Egypt’s stock market gains 43.7 billion dollars in January
  • Egypt stops first desert locust attack on Sudan border this year



  • A group of Egyptian lawmakers seek to extend El-Sisi term to at least 2024
  • Egypt’s short-term dollar debt drops to $14 billion
  • Hamas’s Haniya visits Egypt for talks on Israel truce on truce with Israel
  • Grand Imam of al-Azhar Ahmad al-Tayyeb to hold a historic inter-faith summit with Pope Francis in in Abu Dhabi


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