This Week in Egypt: Week 21 -2018 ( May 21-27)

Top Headlines

  • Future of Homeland party to form majority bloc in Egypt’s parliament
  • Qatar bans UAE, Saudi and Egyptian products as embargo anniversary approaches
  • Egypt’s top court orders temporary suspension of YouTube
  • Egyptian security forces detained prominent blogger and journalist Wael Abbas
  • Uncertainty about Ismail Alexandrani’s fate after Egyptian military denies issuing 10-year sentence
  • Egypt arrests opposition leader Hazim Abdelazim for publishing ‘false news’
  • Teary Salah goes off injured in Champions League final

Salah Ramos

 Main Headlines


  • Egypt, Russia to sign deal for 7 billion Russian Industrial Zone in Port Said
  • Egypt to launch two international bid rounds for oil and gas exploration in 2018
  • Rights group accuses Egypt of mass demolition of homes in Sinai


  • Egyptian military court sentences journalist who reported on the Sinai insurgency to 10 years in prison on terror-related charges
  • Egypt’s Ministry of Military Production companies do not aim to compete with private sector
  • Egypt, Algeria, and Tunisia stress importance of implementing UN plans in Libya
  • Free Egyptians Party faces mass resignations of MPs in the lastest internal crisis
  • Suez Canal revenues rise to $479.3 million in April


  • Egyptian security forces detained prominent blogger and journalist Wael Abbas
  • Army spokesperson quashes HRW report on random demolition to houses in Sinai
  • Preparations are underway for President El-Sisi’s swearing-in ceremony on June 2
  • Four railway workers are referred to criminal court in Beheira train collision case
  • Jordan’s King Abdullah II to meet Egypt’s Sisi in Cairo
  • Egypt’s tourism revenuesjumped 83.3 percent in the first quarter of 2018


  • Egypt expects artifacts seized in Italy to be returned home
  • German ambassador praises Egypt’s economic reforms


  • Swedish diplomat denied entry at Cairo airport
  • Egyptian cabinet approves of Catholic Church in new administrative capital
  • Egypt still needs time to adapt before World Cup: Coach Cuper



  • Mohamed Salah said is confident that he will play with Egypt at next month’s World Cup
  • Sergio Ramos is slammed for laughing as Mohamed Salah left pitch with injury
  • Egypt’s President Sisi calls Salah to ask about health after Champions League final injury
  • Egypt arrests opposition leader Hazim Abdelazim for publishing “false news”
  • Uncertainty about researcher Ismail Alexandrani’s fate after military deny 10-year sentence
  • Egypt’s Sisi discusses developments in Libya with France’s Macron by phone
  • Qatar bans  UAE, Saudi and Egyptian products as embargo anniversary approaches

Good Reports

  • Egypt opens a door and Gaza residentsrush for the exist. Abu Bakr Bashirand Jared Malsin
  • Egypt and Ethiopia fail to reach breakthrough in dam negotiations. Ayah Aman
  • Champions League final: Egyptians furious at Mo Salah injury. Sergio Ramos  is not popular in Egypt right now. BBC Monitoring

From Twitter



  • UK Embassy’s officials wander Islamic Cairo using tuk-tuk


Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt



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