This Week in Egypt: Week 14-2018 ( April 2-8)

Top Headlines

  • National Elections Authority (NEA) has declared Abdel-Fattah El-Sisi the winner of Egypt’s 2018 presidential election
  • Egypt’s Sisi vows to work for all Egyptians without discrimination after securing second term
  • Current round of Ethiopian dam talks in Khartoum yield ‘no significant results’
  • Egypt cassation court orders retrial for 16 defendants in NGO foreign funding case
  • Egyptian police raided the office of a news website, arrested its editor-in-chief

Sisi women 18

 Main Headlines





  • Egypt cassation court orders retrialfor 16 defendants in NGO foreign funding case
  • Masr al-Arabia chief editor remanded in detention on accusations of spreading false news
  • British PMcongratulates Sisi on his re-election
  • Gold tops list of Egypt’s non-oil exports in February




Good Reports

Good Read

From Twitter


  • Egypt’s Salahbeats Ronaldo to take top place in UEFA’s player of the week poll



  • 4,700 Egyptian Coptic pilgrims to visit Jerusalemduring Holy Week 2018
  • Egyptian anti-drug video featuring Liverpool’s Salah quadruples inquiries for addiction help
  • Egyptians shocked over teen’s death linked to ‘Blue Whale’ suicide game suicide game

Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt

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