Egyptian Aak 2017- Week 21 (May 22-28)


Relatives of Coptic Christians surround their coffins, during their funeral service- via AP

Top Headlines

  • Gunmen in Egypt Force Coptic Christian Pilgrims From Buses and Kill at least 28
  • ISIS claims responsibility for deadly shooting on Coptic Christians in Egypt
  • Egypt launches airstrikes in Libya in response to a deadly attack on Coptic Christians
  • US Embassy in Egypt warns of ‘potential threat’ from terrorist organization
  • Egypt blocks 21 websites for ‘terrorism’ and ‘fake news’
  • Egypt orders detention of potential presidential candidate in 2018 elections- he later was released on bail
  • Egypt’s Sisi rejects Bashir accusations, says not conspiring against Sudan

 Main Headlines



  • Egypt prosecutors order detention of opposition leader tipped to challenge president in next election
  • Egypt’s Sisi says ‘nobody is above the law’ in battle to reclaim land stolen from the state
  • Macron expresses interest in Sisi’s invitation to visit Egypt







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Photo Gallery:


  • Aya Hijazi on her surprising meeting with President Trump after release from Egypt prison. Rhana Natour



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