Reblog: Women’s March: Why use the Headscarf (Veil) as a Symbol for Islam?

In an article published in the Huffington Post, writer and academic Elham Manea, addressing the Women’s March asked a valid question: Why use the Headscarf (Veil) as a Symbol for Islam?

She wrote: “Given the complexity of the headscarf (veil) and what it represents, your choice of it as a symbol for the Islamic religion and the minority of Islamic faith was ill advised. Why choose a symbol – considered a tool of oppression for many women in different parts of the world – as a symbol of a rich and diverse religion like Islam? It is not only misguided, it is an insult to all of these women, who have to wear it and bear the psychological scars of that imposition.”

She also added, “If you are marching for equality, then I suggest that you stop patronizing those women of Islamic faith and heritage. Not all women of Islamic faith wear the headscarf, nor are all convinced that this is THE symbol of Islam.”

I completely agree with her views. You can read Elham Manea’s article in full here

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4 Responses to Reblog: Women’s March: Why use the Headscarf (Veil) as a Symbol for Islam?

  1. Maria Vlachou says:

    A very good point. At the same time, shouldn’t Muslim women wearing the headscarf, voluntarily or not, feel included in this march? Hasn’t the POTUS discriminated them because of their faith? Aren’t their rights under attack?


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  3. Maria Vlachou says:

    Many thanks for this, Nervana! I am sorry, I only saw it now.


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