Egyptian Aak 2016-Week 47 ( Nov21-27)

Top Headlines 

  • An Egyptian court revokes the death sentence of Egypt’s ex-president Morsi
  • Egypt’s Sisi expresses support for Syrian military
  • Egypt denies sending military troops to Syria
  • The US State Department removed Egypt from its travel warning list
  • Egypt and Jordan send firefighting help to Israel
  • Al-Jazeera documentary on Egyptian conscripts reignites media war with Qatar
  • Number of Egyptians worldwide reaches 100 million

 Main Headlines








Good Reports

Good Read

  • As Egypt quarrels with Saudi Arabia, it is finding new friends. The Economist
  • 1st lesson learned from Ahmed Naji’s jailing: Nael El-Toukhy

From Twitter




  • Free from prison, Mohamed Fahmy fears for journalism and says it’s time to take a stand for freedom of the press. Travis Lupick



Finally, here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt


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