Turkish journalists now queue for jail: ‘We are not afraid, we will criticize…’

Turkey freed noted editor & novelist Ahmet Altan at dawn after 12 days in jail, only to re-order his arrest before he spends a night at home. Read Yavuz Byadar on the plight of Journalists in Turkey



An arrest order was issued Thursday night on Ahmet Altan, who was released after almost two weeks in police custody.

Another dark page in the post-coup Turkey was unfolded early Thursday morning, with the Kafkaesque trial of two prominent liberal dissidents.

After being held under murky circumstances in police custody for over 12 days, the author and journalist Ahmet Altan and his brother, Mehmet Altan, who is a scholar and a commentator, were under spotlight.

The long night ended with one of them being sent to pretrial detention, while the other released conditionally, with a travel ban.

What we observed after the event was two-fold:

One, given the absurdity of the accusations, nobody any longer will feel safe in Turkey.

Second, there is groiwng belief over something very fishy about the essence of the July 15 coup attempt.


For the monitors of the country, these dark days it is a…

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