Egyptian Aak 2016, Week 32 ( Aug 8-14)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt-IMF reach staff-level agreement on a Three-year US$12 Bln  fund facility 
  • After IMF deal, Egypt’s Sisi says will not hesitate on tough reforms
  • Egypt inflation rate at 14.8% in July
  • Egypt sets jail as punishment for black market forex trading

Main Headlines








Good Reports

  • Egypt needs $5-6 billion in bilateral financing to seal IMF deal: Mission chief Lin Noueihed
  • ISIS is digging up Nazi land mines in Egypt. Peter Schwartzstein
  • The complete guide to Egypt’s 20 most promising Hend ElBehary
  • The Rabea sit-in dispersal: Whom the state is blaming three years on. Mai Shams El-Din
  • The stories behind Egypt’s Olympic Champions. Mai Shams El-Din
  • Nationalism and generosity fuel the defense of Tiran and Sanafir. Beesan Kassab
  • Why do sectarian tensions run high in Minya? Heba Afify
  • Clash: An awkward movie that suits an awkward situation. Andeel

Good Read

  • ISIS brings Egypt and Israel even closer. Yossi Mekelberg
  • Fractured lands: How the Arab world came apart.  Scott Anderson

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Photo Gallery

Finally, here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt





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