Egyptian Aak 2016- Week25 (June20-26)

Top Headlines 

  • Administrative court has quashed a government decision to hand control of two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt government has lodged an appeal against a court decision to block Red Sea islands transfer to Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt Air flight MS804 black boxes to be sent to France to repair damages
  • British Airways has decided to abandon its route to abandon its route to Sharm El-Sheikh
  • Egypt parliament gives go-ahead to Saudi King’s Sinai development program

 Main Headlines








Good Reports

Good Read

  • Support for Egypt’s Press Syndicate Khaled Dawoud
  • Hamas and Egypt makes amends? Oren Kessler and Grant Ramley
  • What does Brexit mean for Egypt? Nancy Allam
  • Disgraced Homeland Security adviser Mohamed Elibiary scapegoats Egypt’s Christians____ Patrick Poole

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 Photo of the Week

  • Sarcophagi lids displayed in ‪Egypt after repatriation from Israel






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