Trope-A-Dope: How the Greatest gets used by the Worst

I am a strong admirer of Muhammad Ali, still I think it is important to read this piece to understand how Al-Jazeera’s Mehdi Hassan has portrayed Muhammad Ali in a certain way that fits-in with his own unhealthy politics.

David Paxton

I doubt many would have been caught off-guardby the death of Muhammad Ali.Uniquely famous and in obvious decline for so long, our thoughts and responses were well rehearsed. Who didn’t know what they thought about Muhammad Ali?

I was prepared for some level of ignorance from non fight-fans and a fair amount of shallow hagiography from those to whom Ali was but a poster with a quote to hang next to Marilyn Monroe or Bruce Lee. And I found it. But it took Mehdi Hasan to be the first to openly spin nonsense in service of an agenda.

In a segment for Al Jazeera’s Reality Check,calledLet’s Not Whitewash Muhammad Ali’s Legacy, Hasandid what made him famous and fired outillogicality just rapidly enough so that a solitaryexposure allows you tomiss howunsoundly he stitched his thesis together. Watching it a second time forces you to check the reality that Mehdi…

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