Nibras Kazimi On How Jihadists Weoponize History

Earlier today, I wrote on Twitter how political Islam’s cherry picking of history is wrong and help feeding radicalism. I later received a link to this interesting video of Nibras Kazimi a Visiting Fellow at Hudson Institute, in which he elequontly explain how Jihadists weoponize history published on his blog Talisman Gate blog. It is definitely worth watching

A lecture I gave on June 1st at the Westminster Institute in McLean, Va., on how religious extremists in the Middle East, both Sunni and Shia, have succeeded in weaponizing memory. They wield historical precedence to inform and legitimize their actions and strategies. I also discuss what can be done to undermine their legitimacy by de-weaponizing […]

via Remarks on how jihadists weaponize history — Talisman Gate, Again

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