Egyptian Aak 2016- Week 18 ( May 2-8)

Top Headlines

  • Egyptian prosecutors ordered the detention of journalists Amr Badr and Mahmoud El-Sakka. Monday
  • Egyptian papers begin publishing interior minister’s photo in negative. Wednesday
  • Espionage case of former President Mohamed Morsi has been adjourned. Saturday
  • Egyptian policemen killed in an ambush South of Cairo, several groups including ISIS claimed responsibility. Sunday

Main Headlines








  • Egyptian policemen killed in an ambush South of Cairo
  • Several militant groups claim responsibility for death of 8 policemen                                                                                                                                    in Helwan
  • Giulio Regeni murder investigators from Italy and Egypt meet in Cairo
  • Activist Malek Adly is remanded for 15 days, faces subversion, protest charges
  • President Sisi and government maintain silence on journalists’ stand-off with Interior Minister
  • Journalists Syndicate postpones Tuesday general meeting for a week
  • Archeologists clash in Egypt over King Tut tomb theory
  • Egypt’s Islamist Authority blasts ISIS organ harvesting
  • Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood unveils plan to heal rifts plaguing the group
  • Egypt detains satirist over video mocking the government

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Finally, here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt

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