Egyptian Aak 2016- Week 15 (April 11-17)

Top Headlines

  • Thousands of Egyptian protested against Egypt ceding two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia. Friday
  • French president recieved by Egypt’s Sisi. Sunday
  • Sisi deflects criticism over human rights record, says ‘evil powers’aim to isolate Egypt. Sunday


France Hollande in Egypt

French President in Cairo – Via Ahram


Main headlines






  • Several thousand protest in central Cairo against ceding two Red Sea islands to Saudi Arabia
  • Police have fired tear gas at crowds in Cairo at a protest against a controversial deal to hand two islands to Saudi Arabia
  • Egypt police fire tear gas to disperse protesters at press syndicate
  • At least 100 ‪arrested in 9 provinces in Egypt


Friday Protest

Friday protest in Cairo – Via AP



Good Reports 

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Photo Gallery


  • ‘Owning the streets’ once again: Cairo Runners’ fourth half marathon draws thousands

Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt





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