Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 13 ( Mar 28- Apr 3)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt’s Sisi sacks top auditor. Monday
  • Egypt Air flight is hijacked for few hours and redirected to Cyprus. Tuesday
  • Hijacker of Egypt Air plane never entered cockpit according to pilot of hijacked Egypt Air flight. Sunday
  • Mother of Egypt’s Khaled Said sent solidarity message to Italy’s Regeni’s mother. Saturday
  • US‪ Congress delegation arrives in Cairo to talk security with Sisi. Sunday

Main headlines



Hijacking Selfie 2

A British man Ben Innes who posed for a photo with the EgyptAir hijacker

Via UK’s Daily Mail






 Good Reports

Good Read

From Twitter




  • Flight attendant who ushered passengers to safety during hijacking speaks out
  • Amr Moussa: Implementing the constitution is necessary before talk of amendments

 Photo Gallery:


And finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt






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