Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 12 ( March 21- 27)

Top Headlines 

  • Gag order is imposed on NGO foreign funding case. Monday
  • 10 new ministers appointed in a new Cabinet reshuffle. Wednesday
  • Founder of leading feminist organization officially summoned in NGO foreign funding case. Wednesday
  • Human rights on trial in Egypt as NGO funding case is revived. Thursday
  • Italy doubts Egypt’s claim that a criminal gang were linked to the murder of the Italian student. Friday

Main Headlines








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Finally here are Jason Casper’s prayers for Egypt

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Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues. The only practising doctor who write in Middle Eastern politics in UK.
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2 Responses to Egyptian Aak 2016 – Week 12 ( March 21- 27)

  1. I’m re-blogging Nervana Mahmoud’s 5-Star weekly roundup 16 hours late because I got distracted by Egyptian Art Not because President #Sisi hasn’t fixed the internet yet – Must Read


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