Egyptian Aak 2016 – week 6 (Feb 8- 14)

Top Headlines

  • Italy demands answers as anger mounts over the Cambridge University student’s torture and murder in Cairo. Monday
  • Egyptian doctors revolt against police abuses. Friday
  • Sisi announces transfer of legislative powers in speech to Parliament. Saturday
  • Egypt opens Rafah border for the first time in 2016. Sunday
  • Egyptian court overturns protester death verdict. Sunday

Main Headlines








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Also you may find my piece on Sisi’s red carpet saga worth reading

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2 Responses to Egyptian Aak 2016 – week 6 (Feb 8- 14)

  1. Reblogged this on Mark Geoffrey Kirshner and commented:
    5-Stars Dr Nervana Mahmoud’s weekly round up an Eyes-Open Egyptian patriot never disappoints or pulls punches. This week she & Eric Trager carefully broke disheartening news about a death under torture in custody that only her credibility made me break my silence as an outsider. Dr Mahmoud calls for accountability , I called for a Lawyers Strike to reign in the leftover thugs from Mubarak’s regime. Egypt is a Country of Laws and as such legal professional must insist on true adherence to those legal principles without any justification for expediency. Every government is responsible for calling it’s errant agents to account with full transparency and criminal accountability. Failure to do so amounts to complicity. I’ve long supported President Sisi and await his response to an assault on Egypt as much as on one Italian student. Egypt’s great strides in democracy and security are negated by any failure to transparently address that crime – and to punish it with an independent judicial proceeding


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