Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 48 (Nov 21- 27)

Top Headlines

  • IS militants claim hotel attack that killed seven in Sinai. (Tuesday)
  • Egypt to buy advanced weapons from Moscow. (Wednesday)
  • Pope Tawadros II breaks with predecessor’s ban, flies to Jerusalem for bishop’s funeral. (Thursday)
  • Egypt cancels reservations on the African Charter of Child’s rights. (Friday)
  • IS affiliate in Egypt claims responsibility for killing 4 policemen in Giza. (Saturday)
  • Sisi inaugurate new Suez Canal industrial zone. (Sunday)

Main Headlines








 Good Reports

Good Read

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 Breakdown of Egypt’s parliamentary results so far


 Photo Gallery

  • Egyptians vote in second stage of Egypt’s parliamentary elections


  • Egypt says archaeologist found giant fence at site of ancient capital, more than 3,500 years old
  • ‘Well-preserved’ sarcophagus of 22nd dynasty nobleman unearthed in Luxor

Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt




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