Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 47 (Nov 16 -22)

Top Headlines

Two Egyptians confirmed dead in the Paris terrorist attacks. (Monday)
• Russia confirmed that a bomb brought down Russian jet in Egypt. (Tuesday)
• Second phase of parliamentary elections launched in Egypt. (Sunday)

Week 47 C

Egyptians vote in the second-round pf parliamentary elections-

 via Ahram

Main Headlines








Good Reports

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• Tourism in Khan el-Khalili drops to 20% after Russian plane crash
• Egypt among 10 worst countries for gender equality
• Portuguese coach Ferreira leaves Egypt’s Zamalek in shock move

Photo Gallery

• Complete demolition of Egypt’s former ruling NDP headquarters in Cairo
• Cairo’s streets turn orange as hundreds join Dutch embassy’s bike day

Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt.

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