Sinai’s Violence: A Timeline ( 2004 – 2015)

Following the recent terror attacks in Sinai, some tried to portray the violence as an armed insurgency in response to July 3 coup against Morsi. Sinai militancy, however, has been ongoing before Morsi, continued during his tenure, and after his ousting. Here is a summery of main events since 2004. 

Sinai violence

(photo via Reuters)

During Mubarak


  • Bomb blasts at Egyptian resorts in South Sinai, in which at least 28 people died.


  • At least 88 people have been killed in bomb attacks in the Egyptian resort of Sharm al-Sheikh


  • At least 23 people – including three foreigners – have been killed and 62 wounded in three blasts in the Egyptian resort town of Dahab


  • Rocket attacks on Israel’s Eilat and Jordan’s Aqaba fired from Egypt’s Sinai


  • Egyptian pipeline supplying gas to Israel near the Gaza Strip amid raging protests against Mubarak

After the revolution/ before Morsi (February 2011- June 2012) 

During Morsi’s tenure (July 2012- July 3 2013)

  • Two American tourists and their Egyptian guide who were abducted by a Bedouin were later released. July 2012
  • Gunmen killed about 15 Egyptian border guards and hijacked armoured vehicles to launch an attack across the Israeli border. August 2012
  • Egyptian army under Morsi launched Operation Sinai against militants in Sinai
  • Dozens of militants attack peacekeeper headquarters in Sinai, three wounded. September 2012
  • One Israeli soldier was killed and another was wounded morning in a battle with three men who stormed into Israel from Sinai. September 2012

After the ousting of Morsi


  • At least three people were killed when militants fired rocket-propelled grenades at a bus carrying factory workers in North Sinai. July 2013
  • At least 25 Egyptian soldiers were killed in a rocket-propelled grenade attack near Rafah August 2013
  • At least six soldiers have been killed in a double suicide bomb attack in Rafah. September 2013
  • An attack security headquarters in Sinai town of Al-Tor killed two, and injured 48. October 2013.
  • A car bomb exploded Saturday near an Egyptian military intelligence compound in the Suez Canal city of Ismailia. October 2013
  • A suicide bomber rammed his explosive-laden car into a convoy of buses carrying off-duty soldiers, between Rafah and al-Arish. November 2013


During Sisi’s tenure

 From June 2014


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