Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 25 ( June 15- 21)

Morsi in red

Egypt’s ousted president Morsi is seen for the first time wearing a red jumpsuit in court ( via Ahram-online)

Top Headlines

  • Egypt court confirms death sentence imposed on ex-President Mohammed Morsi (Tuesday)
  • Wikileaks began releasing leaked documents from Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Ministry  (Friday)
  • Al-Jazeera journalist Ahmed Mansour is detained in Germany at the request of  the Egyptian authorities ( Saturday) 

Main Headlines








 Good Reports

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Photo Essay

Finally here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt

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1 Response to Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 25 ( June 15- 21)

  1. Ramadan Prayer translation by Mona Farouk Maklad\ نتمنى ان تكون صلوات رمضان الفردية او الجماعية مستجابة وتريح العائلات فى ذكرى الامال او الالام بالنسبة لأولئك الذين اجتازوا .نسعى بصلواتنا لتحقيق العدل وليس الانتقام .سيكون هناك حساب في هذه الحياة.ان الصالحين فى جميع الاديان يؤدون الصلاة لنفس الشئ : السلام والتفاهم واحترام الاخرين وحرية التعبيروالتحرر من العوز والخوف.وقريبا سنكون جميعا على مائدة الافطار ونتقاسم كسرة الخبز عند الغروب وسنكون بنصف ضحكة اونصف صرخة احسن من اى وقت مضى. Mark Geoffrey Kirshner
    May Ramadan prayers , personal and communal, be fruitful , comfort families in remembrance of hopes and travails of those who passed, that more justice than vengeance be sought and achieved, that there be an accounting in this life, that the righteous of all faiths pray for the same thing ” Peace, Understanding, Love,Respect for others,Freedom of Speech and Freedom from Want and from Fear, and a time soon where will dine at the same table breaking bread at dusk and half laugh/half cry that it ever could have been otherwise


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