In Photos: The hidden beauty of Iran

Away from politics and  the intense debate of the Iran provisional nuclear agreement, here is some of my collection of  photos from my visit to this fascinating country. And yes, I  felt more comfortable outside Tehran 


Pink roses are particularly dominant in Shiraz’s architecture.

Iran 2005 part 2 135

The romantic tomb of the great Iranian poet Hafez


An old bath turned to a resturant

Iran 2005 part 3 109


Iran 2005 part 4 040

Ali Qapu Palace In Isfahan

Iran 2005 part 4 004

A Closer look at Isfahani architecture 

Iran 2005 part 5 010


The best old and inhabitant city of Iran and an important centre for Zoroastrianism.

Its ancient mud-bricks houses are special insulation design.

Yazd 1

Remnants of Zoroastrian buildings

Z tomb


A breathtaking, unspoiled mountain village in Gilan province. It is formed by several irregular levels of terraced houses. It has few alleys, most are absent, and instead the flat roof of houses form a pathway for the level above.

Iran 2005 part 4 083

Persian History 

Naghsh -e Rostam: An ancient necropolis 12 km northwest of Persepolis.

Iran 2005 part 2 016

I refused to visit Imam Khomeini grave, but here one of many placards about him in Tehran

Iran 2005 part 4 049

Gorgeous little Hijabi girls 

Iran 2005 part 4 010

 Alamut Castle ( death castle) that witnessed the intriguing history of Shia Nizari Ismaili, allegedly the first inventors of suicide fighters. 


The magnificent spring blossoms and the snowcapped mountains 


Shia Islam

Shia do not mind depiction of the Prophet’s  male relatives

Iran 2005 part 3 024

Tribal ladies 

Iran has many tribes, many of them produce distinctive rugs

Iran 2005 part 3 049All photos are mine. All rights reserved

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    Dr Nervana Mahmould shares her photo album of #Iran undeniably a magnificent land of a special people – politics aside


  2. sgardality says:

    Iran has many sites that are worth a visit!


  3. gaiamethod says:

    I would love to visit someday. Tribal rugs are a wonder and the country is so beautiful. Lovely blog.


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