My column: End of a pipe dream

What a line and an interesting piece:
“The Justice and Development Party (AKP) government’s choices have always been dominated by a state of mind that resembled ideological hallucination.”


Here is my TZ column…  on Turkey, ISIL and Iraq:

A foreign policy expert anonymously offered this “insider view” in Sunday’s Zaman on June 14: “Turkey has always denied the reports that it has allowed terrorists to use the Turkey-Syria border as a transit point. But Turkey’s denial could not prevent the emergence of a belief that Turkey condoned terrorists going into Syria to fight against Assad regime. But ISIL [ Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant] is a threat to Turkey, too, with plots for attacks inside Turkey. The people who direct Turkish foreign policy must have finally changed their position, but in the meantime, ISIL took off and became powerful. Turkish foreign policy is very late in addressing the threat of ISIL. They should have acted months ago.”
This is a reminder that the most active player in policies which involve “regime change” in any neighborhood is…

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