Egyptian Aak. Week 3 ( Jan 13 -19)



(Photo from Egypt’s referendum via  Daily News Egypt)

 Main Headlines




  • Egypt is calmer on second day of poll
  • Polls closeafter final day of voting
  • 20 Egyptians slapped with travel ban for accusations of insulting judges
  • Activist and Social Democratic Party member is released
  • Hamas denounces ‘threats’ of potential Egyptian attack on Gaza
  • Mubarak needs to go to polling station if he wants to vote: Official





Photo gallery


 Good report

 Good read


More on Egypt ‘s constitution

Finally, here are Jayson Casper’s prayers for Egypt.

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4 Responses to Egyptian Aak. Week 3 ( Jan 13 -19)

  1. Brussels, 19 January 2014
    S T A T E M E N T
    by EU High Representative Catherine Ashton on the constitutional
    referendum in Egypt
    The High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy and
    Vice President of the Commission, issued the following statement today:
    “I have followed closely the constitutional referendum in Egypt on 14 and 15 January 2014,
    including through an EU Expert Electoral Mission. I would like to congratulate the Egyptian
    people and the authorities responsible for organizing the vote in a largely orderly manner.

    While the EU is not in a position to make a thorough assessment of the conduct of the
    referendum or verify alleged irregularities, these do not appear to have fundamentally
    affected the outcome. I do however strongly regret the violent clashes related to the
    referendum leading to deaths and injuries on all sides in protests. I extend my sincere
    condolences to the families of the victims.
    I take note of the level of participation, that may be the result of events ahead of the
    referendum which the authorities will have to look into more closely for the process ahead. I
    also note that there is an ample majority of votes in favour, which constitutes a clear
    endorsement of the draft constitution.
    I welcome the fact that the new constitution enshrines fundamental rights and freedoms,
    including freedom of expression, assembly and women’s rights. All existing and future
    legislation will have to be in compliance with the new constitution. I also expect that the
    constitution will be applied in a way that gives full effect to civilian preeminence.
    I trust the authorities will move forward with the constitutional roadmap and organise
    elections as quickly as possible, leading to a fair representation of different political views in
    the future parliament, accountability for the government and state institutions, and greater
    security and prosperity for all Egyptians.
    I wish to once more reiterate that the EU will continue supporting the Egyptian people as they strive to complete their democratic transition and fulfill the aspirations of the 011


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