Egypt Debates US Strike on Syria

I wrote this piece for Al-Monitor

As the debate rages in the United States and other Western nations about a possible strike against the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, a parallel debate is taking place in Egypt. Officially, the interim government has rejected any international intervention in Syria. The government’s stance is supported by many political parties, including the liberal Free Egyptian Party and moderate Islamists such as the Strong Egypt Party. The official stance has also gained strong backing from a wide portion of the Egyptian public. The mood now among Egyptians is hostile to any US intervention in Syria. Despite the ongoing civil war, the use of chemical weapons and the thousands of Syrians who were killed, injured or displaced, any US strike against Syria will be viewed in Egypt like the 1956 Suez crisis — that is, an unlawful attack by Western forces against a sovereign Arab state.

To understand the Egyptian stance, it is helpful to link it to the evolution of society after the January 2011 revolution. The last two and half years can be divided into three phases.

Read more:To understand the Egyptian stance, it is helpful to link it to the evolution of society after the January 2011 revolution. The last two and half years can be divided into three phases. To continue reading click here


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3 Responses to Egypt Debates US Strike on Syria

  1. beamout says:

    I see you are again wallowing in your spiteful anti MB campaign on your twitter.

    You wrote: “After 80 years on politics, the Muslim Brotherhood failed to learn how to play a smart game. Their Dogma enriched their arrogance.”

    Whereupon Abdel-Rahman Hamed ‏@AbdelRahmanVA responded. “True. The same can be said about Egypt’s innate capacity for slavery… even after being ruled by successive military dictators.”

    Superb response to your cheers for the current military rule. I bet that crushed the smug smile on your face.

    U R Not kissing Sisi’s hand? Give me a break!

    At least the MB attempted to introduce some social justice in Egypt. But Egyptians proved that they are ARROGANT and do not deserve it. THE LACK OF ANY PRINCIPLES, especially among the liberals, who proved to be nothing but sleazebag opportunists, is a true horror of Egypt.

    The MB were foolhardy romantics, through to military wolves. Egyptians proved they do not want tough love, but tough sadism!

    What a bunch of arrogant and spineless people you are.


  2. beamout says:

    Yes, you say MB were/are core capitalists. That is true.

    Yet, the new law TAX LAW that MB spearheaded imposed higher taxes on those with greater income and was supposed to take effect right when the MB were toppled! If that was not a true attempt at moving toward a greater social justice I do not know what is!

    The only “solace” is that now at least MB does not have to rule over the undeserving, arrogant people.

    On June 30, Egyptians embraced tough sadism and pissed tough love away.

    Far from it that MB were “angels.” But Egyptians deserve somebody far worse than MB to rule over them. Because they are A RO GANT!!! Kibr kibr everywhere. 😦


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