Year one of the Syrian Revolution- A Timeline

This is a timeline of year one of the Syrian revolution. Many thanks to Iyad el-Baghdadi and Syria Deeply

Feb 2, 2011: Twenty Syrians hold a candlelight vigil for Egypt’s revolution. They’re attacked & beaten up by thugs.

Feb 15, 2011: Teen blogger Tal al Mallouhi sentenced to 5 years in prison for “espionage” in closed hearing.

Feb 17, 2011: Small protest in Syria shows people are fed up and ripe for revolution. 

Feb 20, 2011: Blogger Ahmad Abulkheir arrested for praising Tunisian revolution and posting anti-censorship information.

Feb 23, 2011: Rally in solidarity with Libya is violently dispersed.

Mar 6, 2011: Libyan rebels shoot down two Gaddafi fighter jets. Pilots had Syrian passports.

Mar 15, 2011: Having designated this day as a day of protests, many rallies across Syria: Damascus, Aleppo, Daraa, Homs, Banyas.

Mar 18, 2011: Violent clamp down leads protests to spread & escalate across the country. This is now a revolution.

Mar 20, 2011: Baath party headquarters in Daraa torched.

Mar 22, 2011: Stand off at Omari mosque in Daraa. Eventually 12 die and 200 are injured.

Mar 23, 2011: Regime already describes protests as a foreign powers plot carried out by Alqaeda.

Mar 25, 2011: One of the first “Friday demonstrations”. Daraa, Damascus, Douma, Homs, Hama, Latakia, Jableh. Deaths, injuries.

Mar 30, 2011: Bashar gives a speech to “his” parliament. Talks about emergency law and allowing multiple parties. Clamp down continues.

Mar 31, 2011: Assad forms a committee to study lifting emergency law, which was in effect since 1962.

April 8, 2011: Protests in Qamishlo (Kurdish majority town) despite offer of citizenship by Assad.

April 8, 2011: Protests in Daraa reach the 100,000 figure. Met with live gunfire. 23 reported dead in Daraa only on this day.

April 12, 2011: Regime starts a midnight military operation to clamp down on the city of Banias.

April 22, 2011: Protests reach Midan in the heart of Damascus. Clamp down continue. Overall death toll on this day 80+.

April 25, 2011: Full scale military operation by Assad’s army in Daraa. Rumors of defections. City is blockaded.

April 29, 2011: Protests get angrier across Syria, clamp down continues. More rumors about defections from Assad’s army in Daraa.

May & June 2011: Daily unarmed protests, especially on Fridays, across Syria. Clamp down continues. Demonstrators not backing down.

9 June 2011: Lt. Col. Hussein Harmoush among the first confirmed defections. Posts video and says him & other defectors will “protect the peaceful protests”.

Mid June 2011: Syrian army in full scale military operation in the north after defections. Revolution begins to adopt the pre-Baath flag.

16 June 2011: Billionnare tycoon, and Assad’s cousin Rami Makhlouf has publicly resigned

20 June 2011: Assad gives his third major speech since the uprising began.

July 8, 2011: Ibrahim Qashoush, who wrote & sang chants for unarmed protests, found dead. Larynx ripped out, dumped in river.

July 10 2011: Syrian officials announce a “National Dialogue” to advance political reform

July 19, 2011: Tanks deployed against protesters in Homs.

July 29, 2011: The Free Syrian Army (FSA) is declared.

July 31 2011:  Activists groups say 136 are killed in Hama, Dier ez-Zor, Harak, and Abu Kamal.

August 8 2011: Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Bahrain recall their ambassadors to Syria.

August 18 2011: Leaders in the US, France, Germany, and Britain call for Assad to resign.

August 23 2011: Syrian dissidents in Turkey announce the formation of the Syrian National Council.

August 25 2011: Ali Ferzat, a famed political cartoonist, is beaten up by pro-regime assailants.

September 2 2011: The European Union bans imports of Syrian oil.

September 21 2011: Turkey’s prime minister, Recap Tayyip Erdogan, says he has cut off all contacts with Syria.

October 4 2011: China and Russia use their veto power at the UN to block potential sanctions on Syria.

October 29 2011: As part of the ‘Siege of Homs,’ Baba Amr is pummeled by tanks and artillery.

November 12 2011: Syria is suspended from the Arab League.

December 13 2011: U.N. says more than 5,000 people were killed in Syria’s conflict.

December 22 2011: Arab League monitors arrive in Syria.

December 30 2011: An estimated 500,000 people participate in protests around the country.

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3 Responses to Year one of the Syrian Revolution- A Timeline

  1. nedhamson says:

    My Syrian friend thinks you incorporate too much of what is opinion of the opposition to the government in the time-line rather than take a neutral factual approach. I don’t know how one does that when everyone seems to be spinning their truths and a multilinear timeline, I am afraid would not get read. Just passing along – I still think the timeline helps give perspective for those whose timeline is last week, this week and next week – grin.


    • nervana111 says:

      Dear Ned:

      I mentioned on the top of the post my sources: Iyad el-Bhaghdadi and Syria Deeply.
      all what mentioned are NOT opinion, but could be disputed narratives. If your Syrian friend have different narratives, he is more than welcome to present it. It is almost impossible impossible to get independent facts from a police state like syria. Thank you.


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