Photo Essay: Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that I love  (for many reasons , many personal), it is  very charming, old and new melt together in one unique place.

Few weeks ago, I revisited the city, in search of the ‘Turkish Model.”  here are some of my photos.

All photos are mine:

The magnificent Hagia Sofia 

Inside Hagia Sofia

( beat the crowd by visiting late)

Sulemaniye Mosque at sunset


The Turkish model

The new reality


I never thought I will see black dress code in Istanbul 

( some are Arab tourists)

The faith

The Grand Bazar

( virtually empty during Friday prayer) 

Inside the Grand Bazar

(Men praying on Friday)

Modern art Museum

( impressive books ceiling)

Modern art

( nude photography)

and this exist too…

 The kids

A view of the Bosphorus

Alas…. it has to end!

About nervana111

Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues
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One Response to Photo Essay: Istanbul

  1. Hi Nervana,

    Having lived in Istanbul for several years and with strong personal links to it, I understand where you are coming from with this photo essay. These are the same pictures I would have noticed and posted.

    Nabil Al-Khowaiter

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