Photo Essay: Istanbul

Istanbul is a city that I love  (for many reasons , many personal), it is  very charming, old and new melt together in one unique place.

Few weeks ago, I revisited the city, in search of the ‘Turkish Model.”  here are some of my photos.

All photos are mine:

The magnificent Hagia Sofia 

Inside Hagia Sofia

( beat the crowd by visiting late)

Sulemaniye Mosque at sunset


The Turkish model

The new reality


I never thought I will see black dress code in Istanbul 

( some are Arab tourists)

The faith

The Grand Bazar

( virtually empty during Friday prayer) 

Inside the Grand Bazar

(Men praying on Friday)

Modern art Museum

( impressive books ceiling)

Modern art

( nude photography)

and this exist too…

 The kids

A view of the Bosphorus

Alas…. it has to end!

About nervana111

Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues. The only practising doctor who write in Middle Eastern politics in UK.
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1 Response to Photo Essay: Istanbul

  1. Hi Nervana,

    Having lived in Istanbul for several years and with strong personal links to it, I understand where you are coming from with this photo essay. These are the same pictures I would have noticed and posted.

    Nabil Al-Khowaiter


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