My Egypt. Photoblog

Egypt is my native country, my heart  and my soul. It is where I learned how to love freedom and why I resent tyranny. Today Egyptians are voting for the future. I am here in Britain, watching them making history and  wish I was  with them. Here are my photos from my visit last January, the first visit since 12 years, and trust  me, it was very emotional.

My Cairo, my Egypt, so if you have never been,  have a look….

All the photos are mine,

The River Nile  Loved, worshipped and in many occasion, abused.

A sign post of US Aid project  in Pyramids area. Standing alone and neglected

The cutest kid in Giza

The Foul Car ( the food of the poor, but loved by the rich too)

Pyramids horses & Camels

Girls in Public secondery school. All Wearing Hijab

Girls in a private catholic school

A Niqabi woman , the new reality.

Girls from very tender age work hard to earn a living.

My school Yes, Italian !

Again, my school

Mar Morcus Church Heliopolis. You can call me an honouree Copt and this is my Church!

 I spent my childhood playing in its courtyard with my Coptic friends after finishing school ( just opposite ) so as far as my concerns, it is mine too.

sadly, at this visit, I was shouted because I took this photo without permission! how things has changed.

In Heliopolis, there is a church for every known christian sect. This is the Greek Orthodox Church

The Armenian Church

The Baron Catholic Church ( build by a Belgium Baron)

May Egypt stay a tolerant multi-cultural society.


About nervana111

Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues. The only practising doctor who write in Middle Eastern politics in UK.
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8 Responses to My Egypt. Photoblog

  1. Don says:

    شكرا يا دكتورة للصور من القاهرة وقصتك عن طفولتك هناك – اتمنى ان في المستقبل مصر سيكون مكان مع الحرية الحقيقية


  2. I ‘stole’ the Burka…
    The set of photo tell your story perfectly.
    Now, all is clear!
    No words needed.


  3. Salama says:

    ما مغزى إعلان البواسير على الكنيسة الأرمينية؟


  4. Jon Goodfellow says:

    Egypt always was the true center of civilization for the ancient Middle East. Will Durant once said that “ancient cultures sometimes forget who they are, but only to sleep.” I hope Egypt is only sleeping. There was a time about 1600 years ago when the Christian parabalani oppressed Egypt too, but that time passed for a golden age of High Islam. They existed primarily to fight an oppressive (Imperial) government as well. Freedom from poverty and repression will happen at some point .

    Sometimes pictures really are worth “a thousand words”. Yours are quite loquacious! Here is hoping it won’t be another 12 years before you visit and share more current thoughtful insights. At least you aren’t like Pelagius who went from home to Rome, but didn’t come back!


  5. Lovely photos, Nervana. Undoubtedly, after twelve years, your return trip must have been quite an emotional experience. Thank your for capturing and showcasing Egypt’s cultural and religious diversity.

    One small correction: the religious institution you identify as the Armenian Church in Heliopolis is actually the Maronite Church of St. Maron and St. Rita (tending to those Egyptian Eastern Catholics of largely Lebanese/Syrian origins).


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