A simple act of defiance

Many women have taken to the streets in Saudi Arabia defying the ban on driving. Their numbers may be small, and the results may not be imminent, but they simply made history and I am full of respect. Their hands who turned the steering wheel has just injected new blood into the Arab spring and sent a strong message to all the pro-status quo in the Arab world “ There is no going back “.

I am not the only one who support those brave women, they have million of supporters around the globe. I also have no doubt that their grand mother the charismatic Khadija Bint  Khuwaylid  is proudly watching them now. Lady Khadija had a brilliant insight, and her grand daughters certainly share her resolve and determination, and they will change the modern history of their country and steer it to the right direction.

I find the way of thinking of some men quiet amusing. They trust women with raising their children, but they can not  trust them with a simple piece of metal, which can be easily steered around.   Their excuse is protection, but they make a mockery of the word, which they do not even understand. For them, I have only one message “You can not protect what you do not respect”.

Ok, let me assure you, women have two eyes just like men and can clearly see the road. Their hands & legs are strong enough to steer the wheel and push the gas pedal, not to mention that they have a brain, and can make their own independent decisions. Women  certainly are exceedingly careful drivers simply because they like to look after themselves, and crazy driving is not necessarily their cup of tea, unlike some!

So stop patronising women and insulting their intelligence, women are not just dolls who want to paint their face with make up and spend money on shopping as some adverts on several Arab channels imply  (particularly the vimto one which drive me crazy). The brave women who responded to Bouazizi death in Tunisia, and demonstrated in Tahrir square, not to mention those who still protesting in Yemen and those who defied the driving ban in Saudi Arabia, are not that silly or superficial. They will not go away or give up demanding their rights, so I am afraid, it is  just about time to recondition your brain.

We all born free but only the lucky few who continue to enjoy it throughout their life. As for the majority, particularly women, life can be a miserable act of oppression, sadly many accept  their fate, but some brave one  challenge it and yearn for a better future. Their actions will always be inspiring for the rest of humanity particularly for those of us who have freedom  but do not appreciate it that much.


About nervana111

Doctor, blogger and Commentator on Middle East issues. The only practising doctor who write in Middle Eastern politics in UK.
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2 Responses to A simple act of defiance

  1. LoveJesusforEgypt says:

    We all born free, really? Not sarcastic, but I’m trying to remember a moment that I felt free in Egypt


    • nervana111 says:

      That is why I finished the sentence by “life can be a miserable act of oppression”. The struggle of minorities particularly in Egypt is a huge topic and I hope I will address it soon.. I know exactly how you feel. God bless you


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