How to enslave a woman – An #ISIL Fatwa (Ruling) Translation

Yesterday, I wrote about Nadia Murad, the Yazidi girl who was captured and raped by ISIS. For more perspective about her ordeal and thousands of other innocent girls, the Muslim world must be aware of how those thugs abuse Islam. Here is their Fatwa on how to enslave a woman. It is painful to read, but it is about time to confront reality.

Link via Zaid Benjamin






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6 Responses to How to enslave a woman – An #ISIL Fatwa (Ruling) Translation

  1. Nigel Johnson says:

    Is the US translation correct Nervana ?
    Is this Sharia law or an interpretation of what Daesh are saying Sharia law is ?


    • nervana111 says:

      The translation looks correct to me. As for Sharia, the problem is the term has become so loaded. Dash has added a lot of medieval books that “interpreted” Quran and the Prophet’s saying, but those books represent the practice and culture of its time. The problem, however, is the current religious authorities act in an ambitious way, they neither ban those books, not provide a rebuttal.


      • Nigel Johnson says:

        Thanks for reply about the translation. I’m usually skeptical about anything with US backing. I’m always searching for credible US sources to follow on twitter.
        The report is truly Grim reading.


      • nervana111 says:

        It is indeed grim. Precisely why I am raising the alarm bell. ISIS is a shader bleek than even other Salafi Jihadi groups.


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  3. Abu Saif says:

    I can see why the great Scholar’s don’t want to deal with Deash Fatwas to date.. For if they did attempt to deal with them they would have to explain the rules against all woman in Islamic world


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