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Is Something Rotten In Ankara’s Mayoral Election? A Very Preliminary Statistical Analysis

Originally posted on Erik Meyersson:
Having today seen tweets on numerous alleged voting irregularities in Turkey and thanks to Twitter user @erenyanik I came across this CHP/STS dataset of voting data in the Greater Municipality of Ankara, one of the tightly contested (less…

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Egyptian Aak 2014- Week 12 ( Mar 17-23)

Main Headlines  Monday Egypt military chief reshuffles commanders Mohamed al-Shahat appointed chief of Egypt’s second field army Egypt court rejects request to replace judge in Morsi’s trial Egypt’s Presidential Election Commision issues regulations for upcoming polls Interim president Mansour: Egypt … Continue reading

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European Union ‘gravely concerned’ over Twitter ban in Turkey

Originally posted on TEMPORAL:
Access to Twitter was blocked in Turkey on Thusday night, drawing harsh reactions around the world, especially from Europe which deems the move as an obvious blow to the freedom of expression. EU Enlargement Commissioner Stefan…

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The AKP’s Election Strategy: Controlling the Corruption Narrative

Originally posted on Turkey Wonk: Nuclear and Political Musings in Turkey and Beyond:
I am breaking my silence. I am still committed to finishing my dissertation before the end of this academic year, so I don’t expect to post many more…

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Egypt-Turkey: Long, turbulent history

Initially published in Islamist Gate  Ottoman Sultan Selim I, the conquerer of Egypt “History does not repeat itself, but it does rhyme.” This famous quote by Mark Twain is highly relevant to the relationship between Egypt and Turkey. Egypt’s decision … Continue reading

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Middle East Digest: November Edition

This is my second monthly selection of news, reports, and articles covering  the Middle East (except Egypt). I hope you find useful. Main Headlines  Iran Iran FM Zarif outlines ideas to exit nuclear dispute Hard bargaining in Geneva on Iran nuclear … Continue reading

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Hezbollah and the Golan

(Photo of Hasssan Nasrallah, via In his first televised speech after the Israeli strikes on Syria, Hezbollah leader, Hassan Nasrallah, made two interesting remarks.  First that Syria will supply Israeli arch enemy, Hezbollah, with “game changing arms.”  Second, “the resistance … Continue reading

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‘Non’- Romantic Sectarianism

If your Lord had pleased, surely all those who are on the earth would have believed, all of them; will you then force men till they become believers? __ Quran 10.99 Originally published in Daily News Egypt Beni Suef– A story of … Continue reading

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Will Bombing Iran Help Arab States?

This piece was intially published in The Daily Beast  In an interview with the French magazine Paris Match, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu said, “A military strike on Iran and neutralizing its nuclear threat would benefit the Arab states in the Middle East and … Continue reading

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Is Priest Who Inspired Video Worth All The Rage?

This piece was initially published in Al-Monitor- The pulse of the Middle East As more details have come out about the men behind the anti-Islam video that enraged parts of the Muslim world, it was disclosed that they are devotees of Zakaria Boutros, … Continue reading

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