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ISIS recruitment in Turkey

Originally posted on turkeyetc:
Şahin Aktan keeps a file to help him in his hunt for his ex-wife Svetlana, who took their three-year-old son Destan to live under ISIS rule in Syria’s Raqqa province in July. (Photograph by Fatih Pinar).…

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Egyptian Aak 2014 – Week 35 ( Aug 25- 31)

    (Cartoon about the late human right defender Ahmed Seif, via klmty) Main Headlines  Monday Egypt and UAE have secretly launched airstrikes in Libya Sabahi, Shukrallah ask Egypt’s prosecution to release political detainees Regional partners convene in Cairo to … Continue reading

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Egyptian Aak 2014- Week 32 ( August 4 -10)

( Info-graphic of Suez Canal Project, via Al-Arabiya) Main Headlines Monday Sisi in Ismailia to inaugurate the Suez Canal development project Egypt army says 11 militants were killed in Sinai Egypt presents Palestinian truce demands to Israel Almost 50,000 Egyptians … Continue reading

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My column: End of a pipe dream

Originally posted on TEMPORAL:
Here is my TZ column…  on Turkey, ISIL and Iraq: A foreign policy expert anonymously offered this “insider view” in Sunday’s Zaman on June 14: “Turkey has always denied the reports that it has allowed terrorists to…

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Egypt and Political Satire

Originally posted on Nervana:
Will political satire survive in Egypt? Since January 2011, satirist Bassem Youssef has become Egypt’s most popular comedian. He has poked fun at nearly every one of Egypt’s political elite, and his merciless, biting jokes about ex-president…

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Egyptian Aak 2014- Week 21 (May 19- 25)

  (A group of Salafi Nour Party’s female members hold posters of Sisi- via FaceBook) Main Headlines Monday EU monitoring team to Oversee Egypt’s presidential election Egypt’s role in Libyan military offensive is just a rumor 3 soldiers were killed in … Continue reading

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Insult to injury in Turkey in the aftermath of the Soma Tragedy

Originally posted on Human Rights in Turkey:
If the “woman in the red dress” has become the central image of the Gezi protests, it seems likely that images of Yusuf Yerkel, an aide to Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, brutally…

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The Erdogan/Gul Prisoner Dilemma

Originally posted on Turkey Wonk: Nuclear and Political Musings in Turkey and Beyond:
During the Cold War, strategists often turned to game theory to explain deterrence and the concept of mutually assured destruction (MAD). The United States and the Soviet…

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Is Something Rotten In Ankara’s Mayoral Election? A Very Preliminary Statistical Analysis

Originally posted on Erik Meyersson:
Having today seen tweets on numerous alleged voting irregularities in Turkey and thanks to Twitter user @erenyanik I came across this CHP/STS dataset of voting data in the Greater Municipality of Ankara, one of the tightly contested (less…

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Egyptian Aak 2014- Week 12 ( Mar 17-23)

Main Headlines  Monday Egypt military chief reshuffles commanders Mohamed al-Shahat appointed chief of Egypt’s second field army Egypt court rejects request to replace judge in Morsi’s trial Egypt’s Presidential Election Commision issues regulations for upcoming polls Interim president Mansour: Egypt … Continue reading

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