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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 21 ( May 18 – 24) an

Top News Egypt appoints Brotherhood critics as Justice minister (Wednesday) Egypt’s militants’ vows to attack judges (Thursday) Egypt to host 2016’s World Economic Forum (Friday) IMF criticizes Egypt’s decision to delay capital gain tax (Sunday)  Main Headlines  Monday Conscript is … Continue reading

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Nail-biting election race: HDP’s apparent gamble is Turkey’s nightmare

Originally posted on TEMPORAL:
With two weeks remaining until the elections, the “razor’s edge” state of the votes is unchanged. The latest survey by Ankara-based MetroPOLL issued some days ago indicates a slight fall in support for the Peoples’ Democratic…

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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 20 ( May 11-17) to

(Egypt’s ousted president Morsi, photo via AP) Top Headlines: Egypt’s Justice Minister has resigned (Monday) Ex-President Morsi and more than 100 other people were sentenced to death (Saturday) Egypt executes six alleged members of Sinai-based militant group (Sunday) British Ambassador … Continue reading

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Condemnation of the Adana Massacre (1909) by Shaykh al-Azhar Salim al-Bishri (d. 1916)

Originally posted on Ballandalus:
In April 1909, there was a major wave of massacres in the Cilician city of Adana (modern-day southern Turkey), in which over 20,000 Armenians were murdered and thousands of homes destroyed. Although these attacks on Armenian…

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Egyptian Aak 2015 – Week 16 ( April 13- 19)

Main Headlines  Monday Another Egyptian soldier is killed a day after deadly Sinai’s blast Mourners flock in Menoufia to funeral for soldier killed in North Sinai ‪ Egypt condemns Turkey’s comments on latest death sentences to Brotherhood leaders Egypt to … Continue reading

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The case of Mehmet Baransu: Criminalisation of journalism in Turkey under way

Originally posted on TEMPORAL:
What should one say if the majority of the media in Turkey report on the detention of a journalist on spying charges in an affirmative manner, some of them even applauding the court’s ruling, as if…

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Turkey Withdraws from Suleyman Shah: The Implications

Originally posted on Turkey Wonk: Nuclear and Political Musings in Turkey and Beyond:
What follows is a joint article with Michael Stephens, the Research Fellow for Middle East studies and Head of RUSI Qatar. *********************************************************** Just days after finalizing an agreement…

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Orange is the New Black

Originally posted on salamamoussa:
The Christians of Egypt are indistinguishable from their Muslim Brethren. Both belong to the land and are bound by close historical ties that transcend the patterns of religious confession. It was this simple fact that made…

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Another casualty in Turkey’s war on journalists

Originally posted on Human Rights in Turkey:
The news today that Dutch journalist, Frederike Geerdink, is being prosecuted under anti-terror statutes is, sadly, unsurprising.  The prosecution of journalists in Turkey, is after all, hardly a rare occurrence; seldom does a…

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Jerusalem: Historical Illiteracy And Political Exploitation.

( Photo via Facebook) While handing me Karen Armstrong’s book “A History of Jerusalem,” my Jordanian colleague said, “Start from the eighth chapter, the earlier chapters are irrelevant.” Like many Arabs, my colleague has never been interested in the early … Continue reading

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